Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Santa Ynez Twilight

"Santa Ynez Twilight"
5" X 7" Oil on Panel
Who could resist taking a long walk on a nice winding trail through the grasses in the valley in evening light. Great sunset skies and maybe a deer or two out grazing. We have deer who jump over our neighbors fence to eat her roses. She bangs cake pans at them to scare them off. The deer look at her like she's crazy, haha. There is a farm close by that grows hay and you can see the deer "en mass" out there in the evening having their banquet.
This painting was done primarily to play with painting in the trail. I like adding thick pure paint to create the texture suggesting the loose kicked up dirt...the little specks of highlights...I think I'll paint one with a big trail in it. Did one a while ago so maybe it's time to do one again.


  1. Gorgeous Ron. I really like the mood in this painting. I'd like to take a walk on that path.

  2. Thanks Gina. This one went very well and the mountains look much better here. Getting a good photo is sometimes pretty hard to do. Thanks again.