Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going Large

On The Easel This Morning.....

Just wanted to show what some of these small daily paintings lead to. This painting is still being worked on and is not finished. Not all will be used as a reference sketch for larger pieces but some have. This one is one of them. This is a big 22" X 30" piece. I really liked the color combination of the background and dark oak tree. It's a simple composition but to me that simplicity was what enhanced the painting. This one is about mood, atmosphere and color. I'm still working on the grasses and the highlights on the oak tree so it has a few more hours headed it's way.
If you look to the right of the larger painting you can see the smaller original sketch that I worked from. I added some additional background oaks to promote some distance since this would be much larger and have the room for it. I wanted the feel of those oaks being just over the sloping hillside so there are no trunks on them. Overall and with a little more tweaking this should end up pretty well.
***Click on the image for a larger view***


  1. Ohhhh - I love seeing this, Ron. Thanks for posting this photo - and the painting is a winner, too! I love it!

  2. Thanks Susan....The painting is almost done, whew! These larger ones take a bit longer but the added room really makes up for it, hahaha.
    Glad you like it Susan.