Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Previous painting now glazed...5" X 7"
Occasionally I like to look over my drying paintings and pic one to experiment with glazing. I wasn't crazy about some of the colors in this painting so it made a good choice for doing a bit of glazing on. I use me medium mixed with just a dab of Indian Yellow and simply brush it on over the entire painting. To darken it up a bit you can add some red or alizarin crimson but AC is a very intense pigment and you barely put any of that color note into your mix or it will overpower the Indian Yellow. I like the aged look it brings to your painting and it is a great and very easy way to enhance the color harmony of a painting.
By glazing your original colors still show through but with a nice warm glow. Although you can't really see it well here, the blues in the sky are still blue in the painting but now are just warmed a bit. Sometimes a painting is too stark, pale in color or just too strong in colors and glazing is a way to dull down that overall look. You can brush on very light coats of glaze and then let dry a few days and come back and apply another coat of glaze to slowly bring your painting to where you like it. You can also try glazing with other colors too. It's a very old technique and brings a fresh look to your body of work.

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