Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Days End

"Days End"
6" X 7" Oil on Panel
I painted this one late last night before bed. This is a scene looking across my neighbors field to the ridge across the way just before sunset. I wanted that orange-ee glow on the trees. I think I got some of it but could have pushed it some more. I also wanted to get much looser on the foreground grasses. When I finished this piece I stepped back and noted not only it's plein air look but also immediately felt it reminded me of a Ted Goerschner painting but with less Goerschner color. I'm in no way up to par with Goerschner but little things about this one reminds me of his work. I think in that trying to keep loose and work fast I departed a bit from my norm which is good because it is good to venture out at times and see what happens. Most of the paintings on this Blog, these small works, are for that very purpose. Trying different color combinations, brush work, ideas, composition experiments. That's how you evolve.

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