Monday, June 14, 2010

Mustard on Chalk Hill

"Mustard On Chalk Hill"
5" X 7" Oil on Panel
At the end of our street is a field that looks south across the Santa Ynez Valley. The view from the Chalk Hill area is one I have really grown to love. When the weather changes I am never far from my camera. The changes in weather or in seasons usually bring awesome vistas over the valley. This scene was back at the beginning of Spring when the mustard began to bloom here in California. This years mustard was incredible and even the drive along the freeway was a steady stream of mustard and other wildflowers.


  1. Love the atmosphere in this one Ron. Glad those new paints are serving you well :)

  2. Hi Gina,
    I have been pretty faithful to WN paints but have tried various other paints over the last couple of years. These Utrecht paints are really working out very well as far as I'm concerned....wish I had tried them earlier. Mixing greens from them gives the results I've had with WN paints....very nice.

    Thanks for the comments on the painting was a fun one to do today.