Monday, August 2, 2010

Breaking Storm

"Breaking Storm"
6" X 6" Oil on Panel
This storm was from last Winter as we drove down to Santa Barbara on Coast Hwy 101. This storm lasted about a week or two if I remember correctly. This was the last day of any rains from it and everyone was glad to see it finally roll over the mountains and let the ground dry up. The day before we had made this same drive and it was raining so hard here that we slowed to barely moving. A lot of cars pulled off the road and just stopped to wait it out. As we arrived in Santa Barbara the radio announced flash flood warnings for that very area. Lost of water coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a shot of the painting being completed. I was using my small pochade box to paint it on since I have yet to rig up something for very small paintings on the big easel.



  1. such a atmosphere... I love this american atmosphere...

  2. Hi Laura,
    I enjoyed viewing the art on your blog. "uso GRASSETTO dei colpi. .beautiful della spazzola e di colore" Hope that translated correctly.