Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artist Canopy Sign

I am going to be one of the artists exhibiting in an art fair in the small town of Los Olivos this weekend. My old sign for my canopy has had it so I decided to make one since there is little time. I took a piece of stretched canvas and some stretcher bars, masked off an area on top to put my name and painted a scene borrowed from my previous painting "Evening Approach" which is posted below. The painting and top area were painted first and then the lettering painted on. While all of that dried I made a small frame out of some scrap lumber I had in the garage and cut down to size.
Here is the sign all finished up and in the frame....

Here is how the sign will look in the canopy...came out pretty nice....

I've been getting ready for this show so I haven't had much time to paint any little ones lately. Lots of framing, varnishing and general hysteria going on. Had some touch ups to do on some bigger paintings and all else that goes on with a show. I'm on the committee for this show which has also had me in, countless meetings. I am glad it is finally going to happen and will be over...have to get ready for another show in September...then a Studio Tour in November.
If anyone is in Los Olivos, CA this weekend come up and see me. I'll be on the north end of town complete with cool looking canopy sign!


  1. I won't be able to make it (darn!) but please post photos of your set up so I can feel like I was there! Your sign looks great!

  2. Hi Christine,
    Geeze...I was hoping to see you up there. Maybe your hubby had you bumped off after the last time Linda and I saw you and he's writing, hahaha. I'll take pics of the canopy all set up and the "around the block" lines of buyers waiting to make a purchase, hahahaha. Too funny.