Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wide One

A Framed 12" X 24"

Just wanted to show off my new frame for this painting. I can't paint today because we had a water pipe connector bust on our well pump last night at 10:30 pm...meaning all of the hardware stores were closed. I was able to stop the leak last night but needed to finish up all of the pvc repair early this morning. I'm already tired and have to now get ready for a show reception down in Santa Barbara in a few hours. I'm the show coordinator for this one and phone calls & emails are still going around. Show days are no fun until you are walking back into the house kicking off your shoes headed for bed! hahaha.
The good thing is a couple will be there who bought 3 paintings of mine 2 years ago. They stored them here at my house because they were headed back east to do business so I get to drop the work off to them now that they are back. Yahoo!


  1. This painting is Stunning Ron! Bravo! I look forward to seeing some paintings of Oregon ;o)

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for the comments on this one. I took a bazillion shots in Oregon. I will do some paintings very soon. I was in Coos Bay and Grants Pass. Beautiful! It's a tough choice...Oregon or Washington. I could live in either State.