Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trying Lukas Paints

"Hillside Trail"
5" X 7" Oil on panel
The nice thing about being a painter is being able to try out the various brands of professional oil paints. I tend to paint normally with Winsor & Newton artist paints because I love their color and am very familiar with their mixing combinations. This painting however was painted using Lukas 1862 oil paints. Lukas has such a buttery feel and great color. The Lukas company has been around for ages and are a pretty trusted name. In a letter to Theo, Van Gogh mentioned how he should have used Lukas paint on a particular painting so I'm very happy with the company of artists who have used Lukas paint. If you get the chance to try them out go for it.



  1. Your trees are always a joy to look at, Ron, but it's those foreground paths and grasses that I really love. Nice one, buddy.

  2. Thanks a lot for the comments on the painting Ralph. I love putting in those little paths and trails. It's a chore not to do one of those in paintings, hahaha.