Monday, March 22, 2010

A Moment

"A Moment"
5"x7" Oil on panel

This is a great little painting to start off this collection of small paintings. It has the elements in it that I really enjoy painting since moving to the central coast of California. Large dominating eucalytpus trees fading into the distance and large expanses of land not built over like you see down in southern California where I grew up. They had this type of view down there many, many years ago and it's a shame most of it has been lost due to growth and expansion in southern California. Just look at the paintings of the early California impressionsist painters and you can see how they enjoyed painting scenes like this right in the San Gabriel valley where I grew up. You'd be hard pressed to find such an idyllic scene there now. I enjoy seeing views like this a lot where I live now. Whew!


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