Monday, March 22, 2010

Santa Ynez

"Near Santa Ynez"
5"x7" Oil on panel
"Artist License"...I love taking liberty of that rule in art. Artist License allows an artist to change, adjust,edit, omit, get the idea, any part of a painting as they choose in order to make a painting work better. I took it here omitting many of the ranch fences and buildings you see in our valley. I like that wide open space feel in a valley scene so you do what works.
The Santa Ynez valley is really a beautiful place located just above Santa Barbara. Originally the Chumash Indians inhabvited the valley and mountains surounding it....then came the missionaries and the rest of the world after that. Today it is mostly horse ranches, vineyards, farming and a few small towns so it's pretty laid back still.

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