Monday, September 6, 2010

Night Colors

"Night Colors"
5" X 7" Oil on Panel
Venturing once again into painting the colors and light of the night. Night scenes are always fun to get creative...adjusting colors and letting them play off of each other. The light is probably the most fun of painting a nocturne. I like to keep certain parts very dark and then pick a spot to let the light shine through...a luminous area of the canvas to allow the viewer to "see" through the darkness. Charles Rollo Peters did just this at times on the adobe walls in his nocturnes. The rest of the painting would be shrouded in mysterious darks and pale color. We have a mission in town, Mission Santa Ynez, and Peters painted a nocturne of it. Very cool!

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  1. I like your nocturnes very much. And I got to see an original Peters at the LA Fine Art Show this past weekend. It looks like a dark muddy mess up close; but step back about 10'-15' and wow! Does it come to life and glow with that nighttime light.