Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gaviota Seascape

"Gaviota Bluffs Vista"
6" X 8" Oil on Panel
A scene on the bluffs at Gaviota looking west out to the Pacific ocean. The skies were hazy, almost storm like that morning and barely cleared in the afternoon. Still, it was an enjoyable day spent exploring the bluffs and working my way down to the water. A recent storm had washed lots of interesting things up on shore.
This painting is on masonite panel prepared with an acrylic gel that gives it the extra texture. I like the look of it but it is heck to photograph. The lights pick up the texture way too much for showing online but the painting looks great in a frame.


  1. Isn't it interesting how the different supports and "grounds" make our paintings look different. One almost paints differently when we have different things to paint on.

    I have seen this effect a lot lately... thinking it's getting popular. Always love your paintings, Ron.

  2. Hi Marian,
    I started preparing these little panels back in Spring. I had bought the acrylic gel to use as a glue for canvas covered panels but changed my mind and had almost the whole container left. I decided to just use to texture the surface of smaller panels instead of sploping on lots of paint, hahaha. I like it with trees and grasses more than seascape work. Fun to use and sometimes you end up with a killer looking painting. I'd say half of the ones I used with this surface I really like a lot. Thanks Marian.