Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"Evening Serenity Thumbnail Sketch"

pencil on scratch paper about 2, 1/2 inches high.

This painting, like a lot of my paintings, started out with this small thumbnail sketch in pencil on a piece of scratch paper. I took a look at it a second ago and the drawing is about a little less than 3 inches high. Nothing fancy, no values or detail...just the "map" of what I wanted in my painting. Most of the details are in my head. Some of the details are left vague on purpose so I can make changes and fit in what works for the painting as I go along....sometimes it is nice to be surprised at what the painting creates for the artist. Too much planning can take out a lot of the enjoyment of painting and make it more of a chore so I let some things come as the paintings feel or mood dictate.
Here is the finished painting. I'm pretty happy with it and even though it isn't a small painting it is more what I work on in my normal painting day. Some of the idea for this painting came from the small studies, sketches and works that are on this blog. The small paintings are very important in trying things out, working out ideas and then commiting to larger works.

"Evening Serenity" 24" X 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


  1. Wow, you really get the grandness of the tree in this painting, and I bet even more so in person. Love the bits of the trunk and branches showing through and I am in awe every time of how you do the shading of the trees. Beautiful. I do hope to see it and all of your other lovely paintings next month!

  2. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the comments. I'll explain the shading process when you come to the studio's not that difficult. Actually, all of the work on trees are just a lot of fun. It's animals that are hard to do, hahaha. I think I've only painted some cows, deer and some figures in some of my paintings. I really need to work on that more. Thanks Christine.