Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foxen Canyon Moonrise

"Foxen Canyon Moonrise"
5" X 7" Oil on Panel
I often feel I neglect painting more oak trees in my work so I've decided to do more in the future. There was a painting I've seen by Granville Redmond that he did in the Barbizon style. Unlike his work in later years veering towards impressionism, this painting was as representational as you could get, almost photographic, and the oak trees in that painting are the best I've ever seen painted....past or present.


  1. My list of things I need to do more of is about as long as the things I need to do for the first time. Nice job here, Ron!

  2. ooooooooo..... ahhhhhhhh...... beautiful again, Ron.

  3. Hi Ralph - My list is about like that too, lol. If I can get away with just touching base with what's on the list I feel good...a minor accomplishment. Thanks Ralph.

    Hi Gina - Thanks too and thanks for taking a look! I always appreciate the feedback on these little guys.