Friday, July 29, 2011

California Art Club Show

            I was fortunate enough to get two paintings into the CAC show down in South Pasadena. This was a great looking show, lots of killer work in it, and a nice gallery too, The Fremont Gallery. If you click on that link you can get the info on the show but it ends this Sunday so you'll have to get over there quick to see it.
           I apologise for announcing this so late but I have been going round and round trying to update my website with no success. For some insane reason there is a glitch in either my web authoring program (Netscape Composer), my FTP program (Ipswitch) or my web hosting company (Earthlink) and damned if I can figure out which one it is because everything looks fine. About the only thing I can see fault with it my page title in my source code online is and it is on my Composer files and FTP files...that doesn't make sense....and yes, I've dumped my cache in IE so it's not that. Got any ideas???

 is the show card...and yep, they used one of my paintings for it, too cool!



  1. Your work looked REALLY REALLY good, Ron as it always does. (but it was nice to see it in person!!)
    There was a huge crowd there on Thursday for the art collecting talk so even more people got to see them.

    Aren't you using blogpot??? Why do you need a web authoring program for that???

  2. Hi Marian,
    Ya know...I almost went down to that talk at the gallery except Linda's back is out...has been for almost a week now, finally got her to the doctor about it. Nice that they had such a big turn out for it. Cool!

    My uploading problem is with my website and for that I have to use an FTP program and web authoring program.. It's driving me crazy. Never had this problem before with whatever is causing it...ugh!