Monday, March 14, 2011

Painting the Foothills

"Foot Of The Figueroas"
12"x16" Oil on Canvas
The Figueroa mountains line the northern half of our valley. My backyard is pointed right at them so I get to see them throughout the year in various light and shadow. I grew up right below the San Gabriel mountains living less than 2 miles from their base. Always having large mountains within walking distance has sort of stuck with me and I think I'd go crazy living anywhere away from the mountains.


  1. The familiar is of such great interest to me. I'm a flatlander from just below sea level. We know what to watch for, do we not? This is a beautiful painting.

  2. very nice works! love the soothing colors!

  3. Hi Suzanne....painting what you know and love is a great way to beat finding the needing inspiration. I'm a flatlander too but enjoy a big wall of mountains out the window, haha. Thanks Suzanne!!

    ACC...thanks a lot for the comments. I appreciate it.