Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nipomo Eucalytpus

"The Sappling"
20" X 24" Oil on Canvas
I've been working on larger pieces lately and at the same time experiencing massive problems with my computer when trying to start up. This is a newer computer using Vista and I'm still going through the problem more often than not. Aside from those woes, I've been able to concentrate on larger works since the new year. I'm really enjoying working larger but they do suck up more time to produce...still a lot of fun.
This one was painted from a reference photo taken in a stand of eucalyptus trees in Nipomo, CA that I love to visit. This young little tree was catching the most wonderful light hidden in between it's older brothers. The young leaves showing off their great shades of bright greens in the background of muted darks and the pale ochres of the grasses. Hard to resist not painting this one.


  1. Gorgeous work, Ron! Love the grasses.

  2. Lovely painting Ron. I really like the composition of this piece.

  3. Hi Monica...thanks a bunch for the comments. Hope the workshop went well for you.

    Hi Randall...Thanks too for stopping by to check this one out. I appreciate it!